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The Life quotes tool is a powerful part of your Client management system. This tool allows you to run quotes for Term, ROP and No Lapse UL products. In order to get started with running a quote click on the Life Quotes tool in the left tool bar. This will prompt you to select a client. Once a client is selected you will be taken to the quote detail page where you can fill out the details for the quote you want to run.



You have the option to compare many different products in your quote. You can select as many as you want here and it will show up in tabs. If you have questions about any of the fields here please contact support. Currently we do not do Table Rating and Child writers, we may add this in the future, but for now you will have to do that on your own.

Once you click next you will be taken to your results:



(Please Note that this image is not up to date Quotes, please use tool to get real results. This is an example)

Once you are here, you can see the different tabs and what you need from the quote. In order to re-run a quote you can either use the recalculate button towards the top of the screen or you can click the Back to Client Input button.

Happy Quoting!

If you are interested in getting quotes on the go please download our free mobile app. Our app is available for Iphone and Android devices.

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